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Finnish Flash ry

Finnish Flash ry is a charity association founded 1994 and named by famous NHL star Teemu Selänne together with his fellow players.

Finnish Flash ry's main goals and objectives as well as key areas of action can be categorized as follows:

  • To promote and support sports activities in its various forms, as well as ideologically and financially by donating funds for incentive payments or items of equipment, in particular junior, the disabled sports.
  • Organize sports camps and events and seminars, as well as to spread the sport know-how for discussion and training events.

Finnish Flash has donated substance altogether worth of over 2.000.000€. We are focusing the overall welfare of children, disable children and children with threat of social exclusion. For example during the years of 2007-2020 we have contributed funds to the Lastenlinna, hospital specialized for children´s and youth´s mental health, maintenance of Helsinki Missio´s crisis call center which helps children of all ages with call center 24hours/ day. Latest donations have been given to Aseman Lapset ry, Walkers cafe and Helsinki Missio.

Also during the past years we have donated direct money for the association Mahdollisuus Lapselle ry ( ), rehabilitation for abnormally developing children, Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto ( ), with several individual disadvantages children for their hobbies and interest (mainly monthly payments and equipments) as well as disabled athletes as compensating travels costs for practice and competition journeys.
We have also contributed tens of individual children directly with their season payments in crucial age and danger of being left outside.

TJKL- Yearly Ice hockey camp in Vuokatti

TJKL- ice hockey camp is being hold in Vuokatti, Vuokatti Sports Institute for boys and girls at age of 8 - 13. We receive yearly over 400 application to the camp, only 160 of them can be selected to participate.
Criterions are just to play and practice in an ice hockey team. We have participants all over Finland and also some from abroad.
There are altogether 30 coaches taking care of the camp and children including professional ice hockey players such as Teemu Selänne, Valtteri Filppula, Ilari Filppula, professional ice hockey coaches as Waltteri Immonen and Markus Ketterer, camp doctor, camp "mom" and maintenance team.
They all give priceless effort and contribution to make this camp possible and to give unforgettable moments for all these children during the camp week.

Yearly Charity Golf

We have organized 14 charity pro-am golf competitions in past years. Each year we have 20-22 fleets sold for local companies. We donate 90-95% of its income directly to one or two separate organizations.